Tuesday, June 09, 2009


The newest right-wing tantrum movement is calling for a boycott of General Motors and Chrysler. That's right, buying American is now un-American. Or something.

And guess who is leading the charge:
Limbaugh reassures any GM workers who might be listening that the boycotters aren't angry at them. "They don't want to patronize Obama. They don't want to do anything to make Obama's policies work!" he explains.

Yeah! 'Cause if it's not the assembly-line workers the listeners are furious with it must be the highly compensated—and likely Republican—executives who drove GM into a ditch? What?...it's just that Obama got involved? Well, since Rush and the Dittoheads want him to fail at any cost, sorry U.S. autoworkers, this time it'll be your jobs.

And so goes Ohio... this fat fucking loudmouth is doing a bang-up job leading the Republicans off a cliff.


Bob said...

As usual Mr. Furious beat me to a post.

The R’s are freaking brilliant I tell you. It is now better in these guy’s eyes to buy an imported car, likely made in an actual socialist country than it is to buy an American car from GM or Chrysler.

Hate to break it to these guys but Ford may be the only company on the planet who isn't currently in debt to a Government.

Toyota, Honda and Nissan have taken loans from the Japanese Government and have their health care tab picked up. A former Toyota executive claims the Japanese Government paid for the development of the Prius drivetrain. Porsche, Opel, VW and Audi have German investment and the government of Qatar just bought a piece of Porsche.

Hey Limbaugh how's that shirt made in Commie China feel against your skin?

Mr Furious said...

Seriously. He's acting like Obama is getting a piece of the pie or something...These assholes DO understand that any money from selling cars goes into righting the company, paying off the loan and getting GM back off the gov't dole and on its own feet again, right?

No, that's WAAAY too complex for the reptilian brain...


Smitty said...

The last sentence says it all: that this is about forcing the failure of Obama's policies and nothing else. It doesn't matter who the victim is, it's the outcome, which is failure for Obama. And in this case it's a twofer: Obama fail, and UAW fail.

What is failing is their strategy. I really hope there is more backlash for advocating for more American workers to lose their jobs.


steves said...

I have heard this for a while. Not that I necessarily agree with them, but if you don't think GM is doing what they should be doing, then why buy their products? I am the wrong person to ask, since I live in the middle of GM territory, so I have a vested interest in seein ghtme do better. To some people in other parts of the country, this is a harder sell.

Eric Wilde said...

I have a conspiracy theory, Rush is really in the pay of the D party. He's doing such a bang-up job of ruining the R brand.

Bob said...

"but if you don't think GM is doing what they should be doing, then why buy their products."

I think they are doing what they should be doing - they make world class cars, so I would buy one.

This is about idealogy. It doesn't matter if government ownership was right for the country, Limbaugh would rather die over ideology.

inkelywinkely said...

He is such a dumbass.. I swear it is hilarious to me that they are doing exactly what they expend so much energy claiming that the left is doing.

Makes me so happy I am a libertarian. LOL.

steves said...

Then buy one. You are obviously well informed, as are some other people that don't like what the company is doing. I am not trying to defend Limbaugh, but rather the people that are making informed decisions to not buy GM.

inkelywinkely said...

Oh, I also want to add:

They don't seem to realize that acting like a crazy- assed prick isn't helping their cause. Even if, let's say, Obama were to fail, trying to do something he thought would help, and the next election comes up and we have the guy who tried to help, but failed VS the guy who begged everyone to help our president fail, no matter what it did to this country, they make the odds go to reelection.

It is just like cutting off your nose despite your face.

If they are hoping to make him look bad, they should sit back and just make him make his decision without their input..that way, if he did fail it wouldn't be because they forced it on him, and instead because he just couldn't do it, right?

Wouldn't that make him look worse than :

"Haha. You fell down the stairs because I pushed you."


Mr Furious said...

That's the crucial difference, steves. People who make informed decisions should do so—for whatever reason: quality, efficiency, business practices, etc.

What Limbaugh is calling for is an ignorance-fueled, vindictive blackballing. Or, a lemming march—depending on how you want to view it.

Bob said...

"...but rather the people that are making informed decisions to not buy GM."

What informed decison would bring someone to that decision? Are you speaking from a product perspective, or the investment of the Government?

If its the investment issue, there isn't likely a car company on earth that hasn't seen some sort of Government investment. I mentioned Ford earlier, but even they are getting support for small/electric car production.

inkelywinkely said...

BTW, Ford is asking for some loans and guarantees from the government.


And they have asked for a bailout before.To the tune of $9 billion, just this past December.


There are VERY FEW car companies that haven't asked for money.

We have every right to be pissed about that, but it is just wrong to be pissed about because some certain person isn't.. I would never hate a company because O'Reilly likes it, even though that man sickens me to the core.

Bob said...

"We have every right to be pissed about that..."

Agreed, although I probably have less of a problem with it than many people.

I guess I have a problem with boycotts like this because companies are not inanimate objects, they are made up of people who need jobs. The boycott punishes the workers, not the decision makers.