Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bush: Sociopath or Just a Dumbass?

Yesterday, President "I'm on my way to make a speech, why did you have to tell me about those soldiers?" Georgie had another one of his trademark paranoid / arrogant / idiotic press conferences. I didn't see it, but apparently the Daily Show and Olberman did good jobs dissecting it. And plenty of folks have nice little post-mortems in their blogs...

Daily must-read James Wolcott got it started (everybody links to him) and he wraps it up thusly:
"Comfortable, hell, he's downright enthusiastic about it. He's so cocky now that he can't even fake a semblance of sorrow after hearing news that would have made most presidents turn ashen."

The Rude Pundit is on it like stupid on Douglas Feith.

I knew this topic would rouse Digby from his slumber:
"Somebody, somewhere (Karen?) told Junior that he would sound authoritative if he said... each... sentence... with... equal... emphasis... Hand slapping on podium for emphasis, words clipped and distinct, pissed demeanor, impatient tone. "Have you got that you little bastards? Now go clean your rooms."

He's the Dad who is always mad. So when the press brought up the fact that today had the highest single daily death toll in Iraq thus far, he was irritated. He told America to stop that crying or he'd give them something to cry about, damn it.

Those are pretty much my three favorite blogs these days. Perfect mix of outrage, humor and opinion. You can find plenty of righteous anger at Kos, minutia at TPM or thoughtful querying from Drum or Yglesias. But these guys are five-tool players. Check 'em out

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