Friday, January 28, 2005

War: Iraqi Election Day

The great Charles Pierce puts it in perspective:
Some people are going to vote even though they've been told they will be killed if they do.  Nobody in this 40-percent turnout, sucker-for-the-cheap-wedge-issue, talk-show-babbling country of ours has a right to do anything but admire that, and make sure that the undeniable courage on display doesn't get sold down the river for a three-point bump in some future Gallup Poll.  This war isn't just a monumental blunder.  It's also an ongoing act of betrayal by a bunch of second-rate thinkers who never in their lives have displayed an ounce of the courage that some anonymous woman in Baghdad will evince today.


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Diane said...

Nice. Came to visit after I saw your comment at Digby's place. I myself am a huge fan of the brilliant Mr. Pierce.