Sunday, January 09, 2005

Politics: Worse Than Ashcroft

Yeah, hard to believe I could type those words. But it's true. Gonzales himself may not be worse or do a worse job than Ashcroft, but for any Democrat to support him for confirmation is infinitley worse than confirming Ashcroft.

I don't have the time for the manifesto this topic deserves, so go read for yourself what I would have sourced anyway...

The ad MoveOn is running. It's good.

A great, concise Statement of Opposition.

The ACLU's press release/statement and a pdf of Gonzales' complete judicial record on civil rights/liberties.

Salon on Alberto's horrible job preparing Cliff Notes of Execution Briefings for then-Governor Lazy Dumbass in Texas. The torture memos, and the Democrats rolling over on the Commitee. Readers weigh in as well.

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