Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Mac: How Cool Is This?

I just dropped a bundle on a new G5 (arrived today -- I can't wait to get home!), and this would never work for what I need long-term as a designer (though it would run circles around my up-until-tonite G3), but I was recently trying to talk my dad and a co-worker into buying eMacs. But, how cool is the Mac mini? And it's only 500 bucks!

Oh, here's the $99 iPod the world has been waiting for.

Crap! My apple pride and excitement is turning o remorse. These two items were revealed today at MacWorldExpo in San Fran, and I'm getting the sinking feeling of having just bought a computer that is about to be vastly improved by a new version unveiled this week that's twice as cool and fits in my pocket... Damn you, apple!

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Anonymous said...

Tell your dad to get a mini over the emac. It does not come with a screen mouse or keyboard but he's not stuck with a big ol' CRT taking up all kinds of room. He can pick the LCD flat screen he wants. Get one on ebay and you win.

Upgrade to the DVD and extra 256 RAM.