Friday, May 27, 2005

Blogs: Big Time

Hoo-Ha. I've made somebody's blogroll.

"Reasonable" Rightie John Cole of Balloon Juice added me to his "To My Left" listings. He's been listed and linked here for a while now, and I should reiterate that since the Schiavo fiasco, and his slow turn against his Party, his site has been among my favorites. While we still disagree on some issues, I find myself battling his wingnut readers alongside him more often than not. He's one of the Republicans who has truly seen the ugly side of what his Party's leadership is up to, and ain't afraid to point it out.

His site is worth checking out, and be sure to enter the comment threads, it's a much more stimulating debate than you'll find at many lefty sites, which tend to be echo chambers.

I'm curious if it will lead to actual readers here... one can dream...

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Linkmeister said...

It's been interesting to watch Cole as he realizes the people he's been hangin' out with are often without a full deck.