Thursday, May 12, 2005

Idiots: Evacuation Caused by Two Complete Dumbasses

After reading this it is my determination that these two imbeciles, threat or no, should have been shot out the sky if not on principle, but to spare innocent bystanders from their inevitible Darwin Award-winning airplane related catastrophe.

How is it that you are allowed to fly a fucking plane around with the radio off, without maps, common sense, or the ability to identify common landmarks like the goddamn Washington monument or U.S. Capitol??!! These rubes are too stupid for their day jobs (truck driver and vacuum salesman), never mind granting them a license to fly a plane.

If you read the course of events, it is almost unbelievable that these guys were spared a fiery air-to-air demise. They were intercepted by a Blackhawk helicopter, a Border patrol jet and eventually two Air Force F-16s had to fire flares at them to get them to wake up and change course. I guess if you're that dumb, you have to be pretty lucky to live to be 69.

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