Sunday, May 01, 2005

BS: Kristol meth

On the Diane Rehm Show a while back, Bill Kristol defended the record of the Bush Administration, and John Bolton in particular, saying, "Everyone, even liberals would agree, [the work on] proliferation has been a tremendous success."

Exactly how does Bill Kristol define "success"? By what measure has the anti-proliferation efforts of the first Bush term been a success? Pakistan was running a weapons Wal-Mart. Iraq? North Korea? Two of the three Axis of Evil countires have made significant progress on weapons programs. Iran is actively working on them, and NK is already sweeping up the lab for the night and ready to test 'em. And the other Axis of Evil member? The very motivation for invading Iraq, prevention of proliferation, has turned out to be a joke/lie. Either the weapons weren't there, or we allowed them ALL to escape into dangerous hands. Where is the success?

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