Friday, May 06, 2005

Outrage: Give Him the Finger

[via Kevin Drum] Not just another one of those "there was a finger in my chili" stories, this one's real, and it unfolded quickly enough that something could have been done about it. Except the guy who found the finger is an unbelievable dick...
[link] ...Soon after [Clarence] Stowers found [a] finger in a mouthful of chocolate soft-serve he bought Sunday at Kohl's Frozen Custard in Wilmington, he put it in his freezer at home, taking it out only occasionally to show to television cameras.

He refused to give it to the shop's owner, and refused to give it to a doctor who was treating Fizer, who accidentally stuck his hand in a mixing machine and had his right index finger lopped off at the first knuckle.

Medical experts say an attempt to reattach a severed finger can generally be made within six hours.

But according to the shop's management, Stowers wouldn't give it back when he was in the store 30 minutes after the accident.

"The general manager attempted to retrieve it and rush it to the hospital," reads a statement posted Thursday on Kohl's Web site. "Unfortunately, the customer refused to give it to her and declared that he would be calling the TV stations and an attorney as he exited the store."

Officials at Cape Fear Hospital said their efforts to retrieve the finger also failed.

And aside from the obvious motivation of pure greed, what is this asshole's excuse?
Stowers' attorney, Lee Andrews of Greensboro, wouldn't say if a lawsuit against Kohl's is planned, saying he needed "to get some more facts."

But Andrews said his client is concerned about possible disease in the fingertip and kept it because he wanted someone to test it for "all the diseases that are out here now."

"He's upset to the point that he's been debilitated to some degree," Andrews said. "Emotionally, it's been very upsetting to him."

Are you kidding me? What is "debiltating" and "emotionally upsetting" is having your goddamn finger torn off before your eyes and then having to watch your client drive off with it!!! And the "concern" about having the finger tested is total crap. You know who's finger it is, get a blood sample from him and test that, but give the guy a chance to have his finger reattached.

This jackass Stowers deserves some Biblical justice -- a fingertip for a fingertip, I say. Barring that, for the rest of his misbegotten life, he should be forced to wear a hat/drive a car that announces what a dick he is and what he did, so every food service worker that ever has to serve him is given motive and opportunity to do nasty shit to his food first. And that goes double for his lawyer.

Finally, what kind of a House of Horrors is this custard shop? This was the second finger incident in that mixer. And how exactly did this event unfold that someone can lose a finger in the food being produced and it continues to be served? None of the clowns running that place should ever be allowed in the food-service industry again. I'm not quite sure what that leaves them qualified for, but it's more along the lines of handling the products leaving the body.

[UPDATE]: More info and a better timeline of the event, here. It should be pointed out that the guy who gave his finger so that others could enjoy custard, was fired for his trouble. Sue the living hell out of that place, young man, you deserve it.

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