Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Postworthy links have been piling up around here, but I'm never going to write 'em all up, so here they are...

Radley Balko is still on the Corey maye case. This is the case death penalty opponents should be following, not Tookie Williams, etc.

Also, a great, fun link from Balko. What would a child's drawing look like if painted by a pro? Check it out.

A nice piece on Feingold and the censure situation. NY Observer

Connecticut has its (sort of) version of Dave Barry, and he's bailing on Lieberman... Colin McEnoe hearts Ned Lamont

Somebody at the IRS thought this would be a good idea. They're fucking high.

Molly Ivins' brilliant, furious screed from last week. "Enough of the D.C. Dems"

Kung-Fu Monkey on what a stand-up comic can teach the next Dem nominee... "Learn to say 'ain't'..."

I'm fresh off renting X2 last week, and still adrenalized from Wolverine's beserker rampage. Here's the X3 teaser and trailer. I just tried out the HD Quicktime version. Badass. The teaser is cooler, BTW.

McCain: the Straight Talk Express derailed? Good Kos diary

That's enough for now...

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