Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Glenn Greenwald -- MVP

Glenn Greenwald is the go-to guy for all thing NSA. He has been on this, as T.J. Hooker would say, like white on rice.

Nobody is doing a better job making hard-hitting points on this topic than Greenwald. From his stellar performance on TV to his MVP perfomance at his site and others. Greenwald has the ability to cut through the crap and make clear in no uncertain terms that: 1. President broke the law. 2. The Republicans are poised to let him get away with it, and change the law to fit the President to boot. 3. The Democrats (Russ Feingold and a select few excepted) are ready to roll over yet again.

Those are all great points, but where Greenwald has really excelled is at being able to make clear for the layman that this is not about the Democrats not wanting to eavesdrop on al qaeda, as Republicans and many in the media would have you believe, it's about the President breaking the law when he didn't have to. Everybody wants to fight terrorism, and the law as it existed provided for the President to do everything he has done, legally, and he chose to break the law anyway. Repeatedly. And has vowed to continue.

Go read today's post where Greenwald unpacks the excuses served up by the cowering pussies Democratic Senators and rips them to shreds.

Among those listed are my Senators, Levin and Stabenow. Levin is normally great, but he was the first guy "ambushed" by Feingold's Censure Resolution last week, and he set the bullshit "wait for the investigation" tone and hasn't moved since. Stabenow is already on my shit-list for supporting the Bankruptcy Bill. Twice. She is running this fall, and I won't be happy voting for her based on these two issues. In fact, I probably won't.


If Greenwald has a weakness, it's that his blog can be a tedious read. In his thoroughness, his posts can reach epic proportions, making for a lot of scrolling. Some greatest hits:

A stirring defense of indecision and inaction Total dismantling of Kevin Drum's defense of Dem weakness

Karl Rove's lips barely move when Eleanor Clift writes her columns

Greenwald's Legendary C-SPAN performance Quicktime video.

O/T: Whose judgment on the Iraq War is entitled to respect? Dean was right.

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pissed off patricia said...

Yesterday I posted my virtual letter to all dems who are not standing up wih my man Russ. I meant every single word of it too.