Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Miniscule Left-Wing Conspiracy

I have an announcement: I'm contributing at a new group blog.

Well, I helped start it, but it's a stretch to say I've contributed much as yet. My duties there have been even more neglected than this blog.

A few months back I was "recruited" by some of the commenters over at Balloon Juice to join their email list-serve. Last month, after a particularly dry spell at BJ and my inability to come up with a spoof character to contribute at the group's righty spoof site, I suggested starting a new left-wing group blog, played straight. Since the threads at Balloon Juice were often just the bunch of us conversing anyway, why shouldn't we call the shots and direct the site? Especially with the elections coming up.

Well, everybody was immediately receptive and we started hatching plans for world domination... I immediately tried to wedge my "Word of the Year" in somehow, and succeeded.

Witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station — The

After some hard work by "Perry Como" the site has been up and running for a few weeks now. I've only cross-posted my Olbermann piece as of now, but there are plenty of great posts by the rest of the gang, and many of them are far better writers than I am. A regular Furious commenter Pooh, has been the most prolific contributor thusfar.

So, be sure to bookmark The and check it out regularly.

Mr. Furious will still be my primary venue, but I will cross-post all political stuff over at Kak in the hopes that the built-in audience of contributors there will result in some good discussions.


Otto Man said...

Nice! I can only hope that Darrell and some of the other douchebags don't follow you all to the new place.

Mr Furious said...

Well, since the Senator has been banned at BJ, he might be looking for new hunting grounds...

(as prey)