Wednesday, October 04, 2006

FRT: Don't Call it a Comeback

Was the Last FRT really in June? I guess I was reeling from all the abuse I took for giving the Power Station a "9." It took all day for me to hear ten songs today, but here they are:

1. "Big Train" - Mike Watt
2. "Across the Universe" - Rufus Wainright
3. "Prophets of Rage" - Public Enemy
4. "Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago" - Soul Coughing
5. "The Hardest Button To Push" - White Stripes
6. "Give Blood" - Pete Townshend
7. "Divorce Song" - Liz Phair
8. "Monkey Man" - Stones
9. "Living After Midnight" - Judas Priest
10. "Julie Paradise" - Screaming Trees (pictured)


Mr Furious said...

1. "Big Train" - Mike Watt Mike Watt, by definition, is "cool" and impresses any record store clerk. 7

2. "Across the Universe" - Rufus Wainright Cover of the Beatles classic from the excellent "I Am Sam" soundtrack. Is it blasphemous to say this version kicks the original? I mean, everyone here admits Wainright has much better voice than any Beatle...right?7

3. "Prophets of Rage" - Public Enemy "I gotta right to be hoss-tile..." One of the "Prophets of Rage" has a political show on Air America, and the other one is on VH-1. What happened to Professor Griff ans the S1W? 8

4. "Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago" - Soul Coughing Condi, even these guys could imagine using planes as weapons...8

5. "The Hardest Button To Push" - White Stripes Is that a bassline? 7

6. "Give Blood" - Pete Townshend Heavy, HEAVY rotation in college. I love this album, this song in particular. 9

7. "Divorce Song" - Liz Phair Vintage Phair. Holds up nicely. 8

8. "Monkey Man" - Stones The Tigers radio producer likes to use this as bump music. I took this as a good omen when it came up on the iPod. It worked.8

9. "Living After Midnight" - Judas Priest This one's for you Thrilhouse. Do I lose headbanger points if I confess I got this CD out of the library? does the Ann Arbor Library at least score points for having Judas Priest? 7

10. "Julie Paradise" - Screaming Trees Gotta love a band where the two brothers look like the Guiness Book World's Fattest Motorcycle-Riding Twins 8

7.7 average Though I admit to grading on a bit of a curve today, that was still a strong run.

Smitty said...

1. Mr Crowley, Ozzy. And this is how it begins for me this fine Friday. 9/10.

2. Nothingman, Pearl Jam. And this is how it ends this fine Friday: with Eddie Vedder whining. 2/10.

3. We're Gonna Make It, Taj Mahal. Yes we will, Taj. Thanks for the pick-me-up. Even if we have to eat beans every day. 7/10.

4. Here I Go Again, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. No, this is not an original that Whitesnake later remade, but how cool would it be if the Whitesnake song was actually an old blues song? 7/10.

5. Scratch the Surface, Sick Of It All. Awesome New York hardcore. Cool buzzy sound instead of a huge chunky crunch. 7/10.

6. Back In Black, AC/DC. All-time classic guitar tune, recently ruined by that bit on the Bob and Tom show where a comedian "scats" the opening guitar riff. 8/10.

7. November Rain, Guns n Roses. 1/10.

8. Refuse/Resist, Sepultura. I really dug the whole Chaos AD release, and it was the beginning of Sepultura exploring their tribal Brazilian roots music, blending it rather seamlessly with death metal. 8/10.

9. Caress Me Down, Sublime. Meh. Funny and everything, being about a handjob and all, but musically, meh. 6/10.

10. High Speed Dirt, Megadeth. Off of their semi-sellout Countdown to Extinction release. Kinda broke my heart, especially since both Metallica and Megadeth sold out within a few months of eachother to the music industry, dumbing-down their otherwise thunderours works. Still, there are a few cool tracks on this relase, and this song in particular has great guitar work. 7/10.

6.2 for me this week, with a couple of astoundingly weak numbers really killing an otherwise decent average. November Rain??? That's a delete-key waiting to happen later this evening.

Smitty said...

To answer your question on LLPN:

What's your brother studying at CCS?

Mr. F: He's in the craft school, studying furniture (and thus industrial) design. He's got a bunch of pieces in some galleries around town. He designed and built my son's crib too. He stuff is amazing. Thanks for asking!

Mr Furious said...

Cool. I wondered since I'm an art school guy myself (graphic design). My coworker went to CCS.

My girlfriend in college was a furniture design major. Suffice to say, she had the coolest damn loft bed, chairs, etc on campus.