Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Furious Bracket

Money's too tight for me to be going nuts entering pools, but I still gotta do a bracket. This is absolutely the most ill-informed one I've ever completed—I know absolutely nothing about college hoops at this point in my life. It's gone downhill dramatically since having kids and an actual job (as opposed to consulting), but I think the cumulative effect is actually erasing the six-years-stale knowledge I do possess.

I entered the Balloon Juice pool (free—bragging rights only) through Yahoo! and if I can figure a way to show you the whole bracket I will, but in the meantime, my Final Four is Loisville, UConn, Gonzaga and Texas. With UConn over the Zags 78-70 in the final.

Purely sentimental picks based on nostalgia and not much else. UConn and Gonzaga are long-time Furious Favorites, but I've never ridden Gonzaga this far. Texas is here solely for my love of Rick Barnes—and I don't even know if he's still the freaking coach. And Louisville, because I just can't argue with the numbers.

Oh, and here's Obama's bracket.


Toast said...

Dude. Ten bucks?

Mr Furious said...

It's not the ten bucks specifically, its what the ten bucks MEANS to us right now. For me it would normally mean "hey, it's only ten bucks." For Mrs F it would mean justifiable homicide.

Seriously? I am selling my car that I bought outright two years ago to raise cash; my company stopped covering our insurance premiums; the car we're keeping needs about $1,000 put into any ten bucks spent could be the ten bucks we're short on the mortgage if anything else shit on us.

I can't even pretend that my picks are information-based enough to hope to win a pool, so it would really be tossing the cash away. Maybe next year...

Deb said...

Cal and UCLA have completely screwed my bracket this year. I'm grateful I didn't have money riding on it, because I don't have the heart to toss away $10 these days, either.

Hope things improve for you guys very soon. I'm very impressed with Mrs. F's efforts to save money, and we're implementing some of her strategies over here, too.

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