Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Worse than AIG

The marketing asshats that convinced NBC to do this are this week's most overpaid, worthless employees.


Toast said...

Wow. That is beyond weak.

John Howard said...

Reminds me of when they renamed The History Channel to History. But it doesn't matter what they call them, all these cable channels end up the same anyway. They start out with something unique and possibly interesting, then morph over time into showing bad reality shows and reruns of Law and Order.

Losing Battlestar Galactica should ensure that SciFi or SyFy or whatever they want to call it will only get worse, as it's by far their best show. I can't think of anything else on the network that I'd even consider watching.

Mr Furious said...

It is orders of magnitude worse than History (Channel). I could forgive that for brevity's sake.

In this case, in order to "separate" themselves from association with geeky boys they've decided to keep the pronunciation of the word exactly the same but spell it stupidly? And this is supposed to appeal to women exactly how?

Their best ratings ever are sure to tumble after losing their best show, so hopefully it costs one of these morons their job.

Mr Furious said...

Remember when A&E stood for Arts & Entertainment, and not Asshole Racist Bounty Hunter & Exterminators. It's all horrible reality shows now.

And Bravo used to be good movies and not "Shallow Plastic Housewives of Misc Rich City"

And my perennial complaint that "Inside the Actors Studio" used to be a forum for the best of the best and now jackasses like Conan O'Brien make the cut—a guy who isn't even really an actor?

It's no wonder I hardly watch television anymore.

Chris Howard said...

Yeah, this isn't going to end well. And, like John, the only show I currently watch is BSG. If Caprica ever comes out, I'll watch it too. Otherwise, I haven't found much there.

And go easy on Conan, he's a former Simpsons writer.

DED said...

Apparently, SyFy in Polish is a term for venereal disease.