Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Get a brain, morans!"

Stamford Tea Party

[h/t Bob Cesca]


Smitty said...

1) There is a tea party in Michigan in about 2 weeks. I plan to go to heckle.

2) I read your comment about Stabenow on my blog this afternoon in a committee hearing. I laughed out loud, and was reprimanded by the committee chair and House security; they thought I was laughing at the testimony. Which...really...I could have been.

Jennifer said...

Just because they don't agree with how you feel they are morons?

Especially when you didn't spell moron correctly?

I mostly agree with how you feel, but if I didn't I would be a moron in your eyes? Hm.

Mr Furious said...


That was deliberate. There's an (internet) infamous picture of a guy from a couple years ago who had a sign that said "GET A BRAIN, MORANS." I believe he was counter-protesting an anti-war rally down by Bush's ranch.

And yes, I happen to disagree and think these tea parties are ridiculous, but the joke here is somebody declaring someone else incompetent and spelling it wrong—regardless of their position.

steves said...

I can sympathize and agree with some of the tea party people, but that sign (along with the morans sign) is pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Doh! I think you spelled "morons" wrong

DED said...

The caption over at the Hartford Courant for the picture you featured says that the two ladies are from "Bridgefield." There is no such town in CT.

They could be from Bridgeport or Ridgefield. The former is a city that's struggled economically for decades. The latter is a town for the "well-to-do." Judging by how they're dressed, and their complaint, I'd have to say they're from Ridgefield.

It's safe to say that most of the residents of Ridgefield are facing a tax increase under Obama.

Mr Furious said...

Pay attention, anonymous.

Mr Furious said...

Yeah, DED, I saw that too and was like "Bridgefield? WTF?"

And, yes, they are definitely Ridgefield—not Bridgeport.

(First twenty years of my life in CT...)

Mike said...

Pay attention, anonymous.


DED said...

First twenty years of my life in CT


Anonymous said...

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