Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Dick of the Week Update: Late Entry Blows Away Field

Early last week I tossed a few possible D.O.W.'s out for consideration...the usual harmless political douchebaggery. On Friday, John Cole posted a video that sealed the deal for King County Sheriff's Deputy Paul Schene.

I actually skipped the embedded video at the time because I thought it might be too disturbing—I have a thing about watching what I KNOW is actual, real violence. I've viewed it since, but with the video all over the place now, you can watch it somewhere else if you like. Here's what happens:

A 6'2", 195-pound 31 year old sheriff bum rushes and beats the shit out of an in-custody 15 year old girl in a holding cell for kicking her sneaker off in his direction. Deputy Schene has pleaded not guilt to misdemeanor assault [news story here].

First off, good luck with that, motherfucker. You did it in front of a camera, and now the whole world wants your ass in a sling. But misdemeanor assault? That looks like serious fucking felony assault and battery to me. Deputy Asshole deserves a lengthy sentence in actual prison, and I hope everyone on the block knows who he is and why he's there.


Smitty said...

Generally speaking, most of the assholes and bullies I knew in high school became cops, and remain so, even gaining larger egos and a wilder inability to handle stress . The former military MPs and Grunts who became cops tend to handle stress, compounding stress, and idiot offenders quite well. Difference in backgrounds I suppose.

Eric Wilde said...

It seems the good deputy has a history of violence and shootings as well. Nice guy.

Mr Furious said...

Yeah, Eric. And he was "cleared" in both shootings...perhaps only because there were no cameras.

What gets me is the fact that this happened in a holding cell, where the cop MUST HAVE known there were cameras—and figured it either wouldn't be reviewed or held against him—ie: the cameras are only there for police benefit.

The "hero" in all of this is the detective who flagged the tape for superiors. I wish more cops would realize that protecting a sociopath like this behind the thin blue line hurts all of them.

Bob said...


Yet all cops THINK they are in the military and need to be equipped for the day Armageddon comes.

Smitty said...

Yet all cops THINK they are in the military

I just law Lansing PD's massive SWAT building-knocker-over yesterday, driving along. I saw those vehicles unsed for their intended purpose in the Marines to blow a building to itty bitty pieces and deliver a squad of fully-armed Marines in to kill everything in and around that building that breathed.

And here's on for our PD.

M-16s, MP-5s and MP-10s, a police department in Georgia purchasing a .50-calibre machine gun...

...we called it "Grunt Envy."

steves said...

I know it is early, but I'd say dick of the month.

I know some decent cops and some bad ones. It is depressing. I have gotten into many discussions on this topic and people will point out that there are bad apples in every profession. I agree and don't think that the percentage of bad cops is any worse than bad lawyers, bad plumbers, or bad teachers.

The problem is that bad cops have a greater impact and often there is little recourse. If I have a bad lawyer, I can go to another one. If I get screwed over by one, I can hire one of many lawyers that specialize in lawyer malpractice. Bad plumber...I can sue them and/or report them to the agency that licenses them.

Bad cop...not much I can do. I could sue them under some circumstances. You could also report them to the police. Good luck with that. Don't like the cops in your area, I suppose you could move.

The militarization of the police is a disturbing trend. I don't know if it is always "grunt envy", since many SWAT cops were in the military. Radley Balko has a great book on the subject, Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America. A good documentary that also does a good job is Waco: The Rules of Engagement. You can watch it for free on Google Videos. The sections where they film the BATFE and FBI agents are disturbing. It is clear that they weren't interested in an arrest, but wanted to 'take them out.'

Bob said...

Can you imagine what went through that girls head when that happened. She must have thought she was going to be raped or killed.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me! He may have appeared to toss her around like a rag doll, but those are standard take down techniques cops and marital artists learn as part of their standard training.

A "Brutal" beating from anyone who knows how to fight would have landed her in the hospital with severe injuries (she had none): I believe the officer was actually very restrained. Those of you making the judgment that this was a “Brutal Beating” lack any concept or what a real “Brutal beating is” In my martial arts training we toss people around like that all the time in sparring and doing take downs and we don’t hurt them typically: it looks rough, but it really isn’t . Anyone who has any fighting training knows that grabbing the hair is a standard and very effective take down technique.

Very few of you who are making these judgments ever had to face dangerous life and death situations at the hands of the criminals. Most assaults on cops are committed by Women, largely because society lets them get away with it, and a small women can hurt the officer badly as well. The tossing of her shoe indicated aggressive intent and it was an assault….how do you know she wasn’t going to follow up by throwing something else, perhaps bigger and more dangerous.

Give the officer the benefit of the doubt and let the court decide: He served is community as a police officer and no doubt did many goods deeds in that role. If it was such a “severe beating” they would have filed the charge at a higher level. It wasn’t brutal and it wasn’t severe.

The girl is a damn hood and criminal: she was arrested a week or so ago for threatening to shoot someone in the face.