Sunday, February 13, 2005

Politics: The Doctor Is In

"You got it, Chairman"

Howard Dean is now the official Chairman of the Democratic Party. Obviously I am extremely excited about this fact, as are many others. To show the somewhat reluctant powers-that-be how much we approve of this bold choice, let's let 'em know that Howard has plenty of support. Kos over at Daily Kos started up a fundraising link with the purpose of making Dean's entrance a huge splash.

We all know that money talks in politics, so let 'em know that Howard Dean has the support of the actual members of the Party, not just DNC delegates.

  Contribution amount:

[UPDATE]: Wow. Kos' site has raised $75,000 in less than a day. Welcome indeed.

Friday, February 11, 2005

War: The Terrorists Have Won

Digby has a tremendous post up this morning that just crystallizes what the seamy underside of Bush's War on Terror has done to the Rule of Law and our standing in the world -- to say nothing of my shame in the actions of this government.

Go read it and be sick to your stomach. I'm not blockquoting, because it needs to be read in its entirety.

Early on, the favorite argument of those on the Right or those in power liked to say, "if we change our lifestyle (or the way we live, etc.) then the terrorists will have won." Because we'd be selling out what it is to be free and American. Digby doesn't actually say "the terrorists have won", but you cannot read his post and come to any other conclusion. The actions of this President and his cabal of paranoid psychopaths have turned this country into something from Orwell or Cold War Soviet Union, or worse. Worse because it is happening before our very eyes and the citizens of this country choose not to know or care about it, or actually support it. At least in the Soviet Union, everyone knew you could get snatched up and sent to Siberia. We now have policies in place that are more insidious because they are, in fact, the same practices if not worse, yet everyone is in complete denial about it.

Don't worry, keep shopping, and make sure you drive your fucking SUV. Doing anything else would be un-American and would be surrendering to the terrorists... Meanwhile the maniacs running this country have become every bit as bad as the leaders of the countries we site as "tyrannical." Exactly what Osama bin Laden actually wanted, not keeping me away from Best Buy.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Bush: What's In a Name?

Clear Skies...Healthy Forests...and now:
...the $4.1 billion Community Development Block Grant, could be cut as much as 40 percent, according to Republican and Democratic congressional aides.

[...] The White House will brandish independent studies on program effectiveness, appeals for lawmakers to set priorities, and, on occasion, some rhetorical creativity. The deep cuts to community development, for example, have been titled the "Strengthening America's Communities Initiative."

I give 'em credit for balls and creativity, I guess.

[Washington Post via Kevin Drum]