Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Restoring America"

Burning houses of worship? I hope the likes of Beck, Palin and others pushing the fear and hate are proud of what they've wrought. The ignorance and hate in the quotes given straight-faced to the news crew in this story are enough to turn one's stomach.

I'd like to say "I don't recognize this country anymore" but sadly, I do: It looks just like the early 60s when the Klan was firebombing black churches.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Richie Hayward 1946-2010

Good video of Little Feat in their heyday is hard to come by, and while this compliation of solos doesn't really capture what made Richie one of the most enjoyable drummers EVER to watch and listen to, it's the best I could find. Richie's drumming was not flashy solos, massive kits and technical prowess as much as it was shuffles, off-beat hi-hat work, grooves and rhythym that made him — subtly — the lead instrument that really drove the music of Little Feat.

Everybody knows old masters like Neil Peart, and guys like Matt Cameron and Jimmy Chamberlain certainly have chops, but none of them had the soulful funk of Richie. He was one of a kind and arguably the greatest drummer I ever saw.

Richie was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2009 and died of complications while awaiting a transplant.