Sunday, July 04, 2004

Baseball: "They're all greedy..."

Well, not all of them:
Kevin Appier is temporarily retiring.
Appier was scheduled to pitch today for Tripe-A Omaha as part of his latest rehabilitation assignment, but Appier has decided against it. His plan is to rest up, then try to pitch again next year. "I don't want to make these guys pay me to play in the minor leagues," Appier said. "That's why I would retire — so they wouldn't have to pay me." Appier is 36 years old, and his rehab assignment was not going terribly well, so there is a question as to whether he can be an effective pitcher in the majors again. He will likely seek out a major league minimum salary at the start of next season and hope to catch on with a team willing to give him a shot. We shall see.

Here's hoping Appier gets that shot and is Comeback Player of the Year next season. Just as long as it's not for the Yankees. Unfortunately for the "fantasy" Appier, I had to cut him from my squad a lonnng time ago.

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