Monday, July 12, 2004

Politics: KICK-ASS!

Ron Reagan to Address Democrat Delegates
WASHINGTON - Democrats have snagged a high-profile speaker — and a measure of political one-upmanship — for this month's convention: Ron Reagan. The younger son of the late President Reagan will address the Democratic National Convention in Boston about stem cell research.

David Wade, a spokesman for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (news - web sites), said Monday that Reagan will have a "prime time" speaking slot during the July 26-29 convention. "Ron Reagan's courageous pleas for stem cell research add a powerful voice to the millions of Americans hoping for cures for their children, for their parents and for their grandparents," Wade said.

Reagan, 46, has been critical of the Bush administration's restriction of federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research and the war in Iraq (news - web sites).

But he said his speech will only deal with the subject of stem cell research, something he and Nancy Reagan have argued could lead to cures for a number of diseases like the Alzheimer's that afflicted the late president. Because the extraction of stem cells destroys day-old embryos, the process is opposed by groups who link it to abortion.

"If they had asked me to say a few words about throwing George Bush out of office, I wouldn't do it," Reagan told The Philadelphia Inquirer. "This gives me a platform to educate people about stem cell research."

So he won't actually be slamming bush, it doesn't matter. Him merely walking on the stage in Boston is endorsement enough. This is a tremendous way to counter any "Reagan nostalgia" bump that Bush is counting on. Rove & Co. have clearly been attempting tp portray Bush as the heir apparent to the Reagan mystique, but that will be damaged by Reagan's actual heir being visibly on the other side.

I always liked that Ron. And not just for the Dog Shows. If only Nancy would stand up there with him...

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