Sunday, July 04, 2004


Anyone else have the misfortune of being on one of the Viagra / Xanax / Nexium spam lists? You're always greeted with a phony "personal" subject line, from a person you obviously don't know. You open it up and there's the pitch for whatever crap they're selling a link to unsubscribe (or "say adios" as so many like to offer), then at the end there's something like this:
deconvolve spectral capricorn antiquity courtier ski rooftree grow mildred bach arid jimmie plop dayton american brotherhood sweater swath another complementary deface mephistopheles penumbra salty certain claus boldface gratitude occult minuscule laurie roomy ironside licorice bassi elsie activism reclamation inherit universe carbonate substitute need am manna lukewarm telephotography rob captious drudge conferrable tootle detain camera campbell crosby hump einstein bushnell centric brace asiatic becky wayne spark carburetor bijouterie caste corpuscular doctorate codeposit emissary dunedin freed obsolescent word pamper crap case ohmmeter lag woods chairwomen affricate anharmonic hijack

What the hell is all that crap about? Are they keywords that are supposed to latch onto searches or something? I don't get it. I mean, Mephistopheles?

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Anonymous said...

It's called fishing. all those useless words confuse your spam blocker. That is why these things get through.

one lung Fung