Friday, July 23, 2004

BLOGS: Baseball Crank

The Mad Hibernian over at The Baseball Crank links his readers over here with some trepidation due to my "lack of civility" (probably due to my colorful description of Rick Santorum). I make no apologies for my opinions, and don't plan to change the tone around here (after all, I am supposed to be furious, right?), but in the interest of maintaining a wider audience than myself, I'll consider taking the language down a notch.

The Baseball Crank is a great site and I recommend it highly. I was first introduced to The Baseball Crank when he was a contributor back in the glory days of the old Boston Sports Guy website. Sports Guy has gone big-time and the Crank has opened his own shop. These days it's more politics than baseball, and both the Crank and contributor 'The Mad Hibernian' are great writers. Both are conservative and I nearly always disagree with them, but there is a great discourse over there and they are receptive to all comers. The baseball analysis is top-notch and the political commentary is a great window into the "other side." Check it out.

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