Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Do Your Duty!

Here are links to help battle some of the idiotic crap coming down the pike from the Republican Party. Democracy doesn't get any easier than online petitions, folks. Set-up the auto-fill feature on your browser and it takes mere seconds to fill these things out with your name, etc. If you don't participate and make your views known to your elected officials you don't really have much right to complain. Get to it:

BUSH'S OVERTIME TAKEAWAY SCAM - Send a fax for free to your Representatives to oppose Bush's new rules eliminating overtime pay for millions of working Americans. These rules take effect next month unless we stop them now.

GAY HATRED AMENDMENT - Sign the petition at moveon.org and tell your Representatives to oppose the upcoming vote (tomorrow?) on Amending the Constitution to discriminate against an entire segment of society. This Amendment doesn't have any chance of actually passing, but we need to lay the smackdown on this big-time. Signing the petition gives your Representative backup (ass-covering) to vote against it. If you live in an area where you have a bigot for a Representative, he deserves to know what you think about it.

STOP DRILLING IN ALASKA - My good friend Robert Redford sent me a personal message about how much he hates President Bush (almost as much as me!). Sign the petition to prevent Bush from using high gas prices as an excuse to drill in another Reserve up in Alaska. This Reserve is next door to the more reknowned ANWAR, and would open the door to further expansion later on.

Don't assume because your Rep or Senator might be a Democrat that they will be on the right side of these issues. Special interests (churchs, and big corporations) are exerting tremendous pressure on everyone in Congress on this stuff. And many Republicans oppose some of the stuff coming down from Bush, DeLay & Co. but are under pressure to toe the Party line. Remind 'em they answer to you, not Karl Rove and Tom DeLay. Make sure your voice is heard.

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