Wednesday, July 06, 2005

BS: You Say Tomato, I Say You're Full of Shit

Listening to Rush Limbaugh in the car at lunch, I heard this beauty while he rationalizes/defends Bush making a conservative pick to replace O'Connor [note: from my memory]:
According to this Rasmussen Poll, which is pre-vacancy mind you, forty-six percent of the country, a near-majority, thinks the Supreme Court should be more conservative.

46% is a near majority? I thought John Kerry's 49% was a clear minority? that's eight points short of a split, never mind a majority. He continually stressed pre-vacancy poll results for all his bullshit too. Which tells me the numbers have shifted against him since O'Connor resigned.

Not to worry though, Rush also thinks it will take Bush three appointments to swing the court to the right. What kind of Oxycontin is he mainlining these days?

Oh, and he likes Janice Rogers Brown for the spot.

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