Friday, July 08, 2005

Courts: Vacancy Becomes Vacuum

Rumors abound that Rehnquist will retire Friday morning. Jesus, just as I was starting to convince myself all is not lost if Alberto Gonzalez replaces Sandra Day O'Connor, we go straight from the frying pan into the fire.

If it happens, Bush gets his buddy Gonzalez and a Religious Right-pleasing extremist and he can even move Clarence Thomas to Chief if he really wants to make my summer complete. The Dems are essentially powerless to stop any of it if this many slots open up. Splitting the Republican Party was the only upside from O'Connor's resignation, now Bush will have flexibility and the ability to please all of his constituents, plus give a nod to Latinos, women and blacks.

Except when riding a bike, George W. Bush has to be the luckiest fucking bastard to ever walk the Earth.

Hmm. My money is on Gonzalez, plus Janice Rogers Brown and Thomas to Chief. There are others out there like McConnell that I know less about, but it will be harder for Dems to oppose a Latino and a black woman, so I predict it's the course Bush will take.

Links: Steve Soto's got a good breakdown, Ezra tries to make lemonade, plus Josh Marshall has a good point here, and then starts a good thread in the Cafe.

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