Monday, July 11, 2005

LOL: Hilarious Toy Rant

My kinda toy review...
...there has never been a more ridiculously stupid and insulting toy than the Fantastic 4 Human Torch™ ATV (with Light-Up Headlights!). And this is why:

The Human Torch has no need for an "All-Terrain Vehicle"--because the last time I checked, the Human Torch can fucking FLY.

Has anyone told the Human Torch that it might not be safe to sit on top of a gas tank when one is on FIRE? Nice message to send the kids, assholes!

[...]ATVs are exclusively for assholes and rednecks. I know, this has nothing to do with the Human Torch riding an ATV, but this guy who lives down the block from me is constantly ripping around our neighborhood on one of these stupid four-wheelers--and without a helmet, no less! So basically, this is just to let him know, I think he's an asshole and a redneck...

Anger and humor—a most potent cocktail. Sigh...I need to practice if I want to be that funny and angry. At least he left it in its package, you want to make sure your pieces of shit remain in mint condition.

Oh, and this is the first-ever photo here at Mr Furious. I just noticed blogger has added that capability—could be trouble.

[thanks Ezra]


Missouri Mule said...

May I be the first to congradulate you on your first-ever-photo, Mr. Furious.

Dig the post too.

Anonymous said...

May I be the first to say I despise it when people use "LOL" or any of that stupid e-speak. "It stinks and I don't like it."

But that rant was pretty funny.

Mr Furious said...

I usually avoid that stuff, but I was really stymied on what to categorize this as. I wanted to separate it from the "Misc:" posts, but "Comedy" sounded dumb, and "Comics" was too geeky. I compromised with myself on LOL, because I hope to link to more funny stuff in the future, so I wanted to creat a re-usable phrase.

That's what happened IIRC, and IMHO it was a good solution. AFAIK anyway.