Thursday, July 07, 2005

Politics: Miller Time

Billmon has perfectly summed up the "Judith Miller Goes to Jail" story. I pretty much agree with him one hundered percent.

My partisan ("tastes great") side loves her being in jail because she deserves it for her bullshit-desemination campaign in collaboration with the Pentagon that helped lead this country down the path to War. That and the fact that this whole racket is likely to protect Karl Rove who deserves something worse than jail for his impact on this country...

But the long-term, logical ("less filling") side realizes that wanting sources burned for short-term gain will only serve to empower those in government who mean us ill, and depend on secrecy for success. Just as mobsters plead the 5th, the KKK has free speech, so it is with shielding sources. Even the dirty fucking scumbags can benefit.

I got into it with some folks over at BlondeSense on this...

Please go read Billmon, he says it better than I ever could.

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