Monday, September 12, 2005

Katrina: Dean on Bush & Federal Response

Absolutely the best I have ever seen Howard Dean. Watch. He delivers a devastating message clearly and effectively and, most importantly, looks measured and calm doing it. He takes Wolf Blitzer's baiting and effectively blames bush for his failings as President. Not that Katrina is Bush's fault, not that Bush is racist—Bush is classist. Bush doesn't care about you if you're not in the top 20 percent no matter what color you are.* If he can lead a charge that looks like this for the next few years, we will be looking good in 2006 and 2008.

Seriously, if he was this smooth two years ago, he'd be President.

* I believe this is not only a great attack, but I believe it's true. Like Howard says, the President might be a nice man, but his policies are callous to a fault and leave out (or actively screw) 80 percent of the country. And he silently condones actions in his party (even on his behalf) that ARE racist. I think Bush really does want to advance minorites and everyone in this country—once they start making six-figures. Those are the only people he's ever known and the only people he can relate to. He goes to bed every night with a clear conscience that he is helping all Americans. It's just that it's only the ones like him. Rich.


john_m_burt said...

Howard Dean is going to have to play it smooth and bland as skim milk for the rest of his life, just as Jack Benny had to make sure everybody noticed his charitable giving, and Edward G. Robinson had to make sure he was at all times a well-mannered gentleman.

Eh, you could suffer a worse fate than learning to watch what you say.

Mr Furious said...

I haven't seen the whole interview, just the one clip I linked to, but I wouldn't say Dean is "bland as skim milk." He's still bringing heat, he's just getting it over the plate.

His TV skills have improved immensely. He actually knows how to breathe and pace himself now. He delivered real criticism, but did it without being strident. that's all I ever wanted from him.