Friday, September 02, 2005

Music: Friday Random Ten

1. "Narcolepsy" Ben Folds Five The only time I ever saw BFF, this song opened the concert. Huge. 8/10
2. "Number One Blind" Veruca Salt — It'll always be "Levelor" to me. Boy, did I love the grrl bands back then... 6/10
3. "Last Plane Out" Toy Matinee Not even a one-hit wonder. WDRE gave this tune some play back in the early 90s. sounding pretty dated now. 4/10
4. "King of Birds" REM Solid, back-of-the-album filler. Document was my first foray from the Rush/Zeppelin/Boston of high school into the world of "modern rock." 6/10
5. "Talkin' About a Home" Chris Isaak How such a good-looking, multi-talented guy manages to pull off the crushed-by-lost-love so effectively, I'll never know. At least this song is about finding someone new. I think. Oh, if Isaak is ever playing live near you, go. You'll be happy you did. Doesn't even matter if you know the songs. 7/10
6. "You Got Lucky" Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers 6/10. The video, however, is a 9.
7. "Moon" dada — A top song from one of my favorite bands. Years ago, at what was purported to be the last time dada would ever play live, they finished one of many encores with this song. The club was packed, and it almost seemed that Joey would cry on stage as he belted this out. One of the most moving concert memories for me ever. Of course rumors of their demise were greatly exagerrated. They got back together years later, recorded a forgettable album and came to Ann Arbor to play a great set for an embarrassingly small crowd of about twelve people—including the bartender. Should've quite while they were ahead... 10/10
8. "Wall of Denial" SRV Can Stevie come back from the grave and sue Paul Shaeffer for ripping this song off? Only a 5/10 on a Stevie scale, equals 7/10 for everyone else.
9. "Patrol" Charlatans From the mysterious, short-lived non-"UK" era. Bring back the organ! 7/10
10. "Light My Way" Audioslave A band so much LESS than the sum of its parts. 6/10

Only a 6.7 average. That Toy Matinee is really dragging me down this week. Luckily I didn't have to look at the embarrassingly dated album graphics and photo when I heard it or I would've graded it even more harshly. Not sure if there's any point to grading these... just following Otto Man's lead.


slickdpdx said...

Number One Blind is great, but isn't the flipside a fantastic cover of the Sex Pistols Bodies?

Spinkle said...

Toy Matinee were actually "three hit wonders" with three top songs making the top 25. In addition to "Last Plane Out" there was also "The Ballad of Jenny Ledge" and one other. (according to Billboard magazine)