Monday, September 19, 2005

Links: Hork th' New York Times

Friday`s Paul Krugman column be th' last one that appears fer free on th' NT Times website. From now on, Krugman an' much o' th' other content be behind a paid subscription wall. T'was always annoyin' that after a week, columns became a paid archive, now ye won`t e'en be able t' read Krugman at th' Times site at all without payin' fer 't, the dirty bilge rats.

Krugman`s column be syndicated (avast, he appears regularly in me Ann Arbor News), so ye`ll be able t' find th' lad's online somewhere eventually, but less conveniently. That be unless th' Times has somethin' in mind fer that as well...

Anyway, hork th' Times, an' here`s hopin' this aftfires on 'em profoundly an' in th' meantime, atrios gives us this link which archives all th' Krugman columns. E'en th' old ones th' NYT would try an' sell ye. Arrr, them horn-swagglin' scurvy dogs...

[Most o' this excellent sea dog translation courtesy o' this place.]

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