Friday, September 23, 2005

Music: Friday Random Ten

1. "Zooropa" - U2
2. "Changed Your Mind" - Chris Isaak
3. "Ruby Baby" - Donald Fagan
4. "She Said, She said [live]" - Matthew Sweet
5. "Clampdown" - The Clash
6. "Alive and Kicking" Simple Minds
7. "Since You're Gone" - The Cars
8. "Runaway" - Bonnie Raitt
9. "Weightless" - Chris Whitley
10. "Mr. Hanalei" - Sound of Urchin

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Mr Furious said...

1. "Zooropa" - U2 Yeah, I know it's blasphemy, but the "middle" U2 is my favorite U2: Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby and Zooropa. 7/10
2. "Changed Your Mind" - Chris Isaak Sometimes it's like Chris Isaak and The Black Crowes are the only things in my iPod, causing me to skip otherwise good songs. I did NOT skip this one. 8/10
3. "Ruby Baby" - Donald Fagan When we named our daughter Ruby three years ago, I dug this out and really wanted it to be as good as I remembered it. It's not. 4/10
4. "She Said, She said [live]" - Matthew Sweet Some guys were born to play Beatles covers. 8/10
5. "Clampdown" - The Clash Was my favorite track off London Callling back in the day. I might go with Death or glory now, but it's close. 10/10
6. "Alive and Kicking" Simple Minds My favorite band out of this genre. Wimpyish 80s UK pop? I don't know, I guess better (even a human) drummer than the bands of their ilk is all it takes. 6/10
7. "Since You're Gone" - The Cars Last great Cars song before they started to completely suck. A great video too. 8/10
8. "Runaway" - Bonnie Raitt Another cover song. Not as good as the Del Shannon version. This song always makes me think of the excellent "Crime Story". Glad to see a lot of those guys back on the tube. 4/10
9. "Weightless" - Chris Whitley A pretty good song from the inconsistant Whitley. At times a true genius and viruoso steel and slide guitarist of tremendous talent and songwriting ability. Other times, not so much. 8/10
10. "Mr. Hanalei" - Sound of Urchin A band of guys I semi-know that should have made it big based on this song alone.Think 311 but more fun and goofy mixed with a less-funky, more KISS-influenced Red Hot Chile Peppers. Huh? Trust me. It's a song inspired by the Hawaii episode of the 'Brady Bunch' fer crissakes. Do gimmicks get any better than that? RCA let them put out one good EP, then ruined them. 9/10

7.2 total. Not as good as last week, but nothing worth skipping either...I'll take it.