Friday, May 18, 2007

Hinske for Mayor

I love this guy. When the Sox picked him up last year from Toronto for cash, I had a hunch he'd turn into a nice role player—I wish he could play more. He got a rare chance to start last night. The converted thirdbaseman patrolling the game's toughest outfield made a game-saving, face-planting diving catch, then came back in storybook fashion to hit the game-winning two-run homer. Gotta feel great for the kid*. [video] Congratulations, Eric, you are now officially a dirt dog.

More on the game from Curt Schilling's surprisingly entertaining, informative and, hell—at time's downright educational—blog 38 Pitches.

The Sox are on a special roll right now, with everything breaking their way. Even though 8-0 stud Josh Beckett hits the DL today, it's more precautionary, and feels good that they have enough of a lead to be able to afford that. Bring on the Braves (though I don't like the pitching matchups at all), and next week let's stick a fork in the Yanks.

*Yeah, I said "kid." Hell, if I'm going to have to be 39 for the next year, I can call a 28-year-old "kid."


Toast said...

OK, I'm honestly curious to hear you support your "game's toughest outfield" claim. Isn't Fenway, well, kinda tiny?

You're right about every damned thing breaking the Sox way right now. I haven't felt this deeply nauseus about a rival's success since the Pats won 21 straight.

Mr Furious said...

Right field in Fenway is a well-acknowledged hard field. People always think of the Green Monster, and the place being a bandbox, but it hits 420 in the triangle in center, and right field is cavernous, and has plenty of tricky angles. It's 302 down the line to Pesky's Pole but then it justs out to 380 feet.

Put it this way. There's a reason the Sox moved Manny to left...