Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mr. Furious Heartily Endorses…

Ecover dishwashing powder. Freaking fantastic stuff. I am in charge of the dishes in the Furious household, and I've used just about every kind of dishwashing product both for washing in the sink and using the dishwasher*. In most cases, using the ecologically-sound product involves a compromise of some measure. Not with this stuff. Not only is it the best "green" dishwashing product I've used, it's the best dishwashing product period. Better than anything else I've tried.

Seventh Generation diapers. Just about as good as Huggies (and for the record, Huggies kick ass on Pampers). We still wrap Charlotte's butt in a Huggies for the overnight, [UPDATE: We were just using up the Huggies, it's now all-7th Gen all the time.] but for all-day use? Go with the unbleached, earth-friendlier Seventh Generation diapers.

Triple Delicious Pie Finest dessert ever created. Made for me annually by Mrs. Furious in lieu of a birthday cake. Luckily, my birthday (this past Monday) coincides with the rhubarb season. Topped with vanilla ice cream, accompanied by a cold glass of milk…this pie might be the food event of the year for me. I savor it all week.

Coming soon: Headphone recommendations. My birthday items (one a gift, one a purchase) include a pair of upgrade headphones for use with the iPod, and a pair of wireless headphones for watching tv on the treadmill—which after this week's pie-fest, will come in handy. I am in the midst of auditioning contenders for the coveted spots in the Furious musical and television-viewing empire.

* What Mr. Furious does NOT endorse is the ridiculous "AnyWare™" silverware basket in his otherwise-excellent Whirlpool. A nice idea on paper, the best place to put it is hanging precariously on the front of the main rack, waiting to get ripped off by anyone but me who opens the washer. And it's convenient opening side is much too loose and tends to release my clean silverware on the floor on it's way to the drawer...


S.W. Anderson said...

Happy birthday and many happy returns. As for the yummy pie — only once a year, and you do the dishes all the time!?! Huh?

Mr Furious said...

Well I eat dinner that I don't cook every night too. A pretty fair exchange. In a couple more years, I'll have the kids do the deed.

Joe Max said...

V-Moda earphones heartily endorsed.


Their $100 earphones sound as good as anything else on the market, and I listened to a dozen models at MacWorld. I love mine.

Mike said...

Happy Birthday, Furious!

(38? 39?).

They come fast and furious at this point.

("This point" being the time when you start posting about diapers and dish detergent.)

Mr Furious said...

39. I'm not a guy normally bothered by the "number", as I feel permanently 34, but that number is damn close to 40. And 40 sounds fucking old.


Mr Furious said...

Thanks for the tip joe, but I'm looking to move away from the in-the-ear style. I have one ear with a cartilage issue that renders the inside-the-ear uncomfortable or prevents a good fit/sound.

Those look pretty cool though.