Friday, May 18, 2007


File Under WTF? A substitute teacher in Chicago shows a class "Brokeback Mountain." A class of 12 year olds. One girl's grandparents are suing for $400K. Now I don't know about that dollar figure, or why the grandparents are suing, but I'm with the prudes on this one. Not because of teh gay, but that film waaay too sexually intense (R-rated, hello?) for kids in junior high. What the hell was that teacher thinking? This will undoubtedly be pointed to by countless conservatives and Dobson-types as evidence of liberal excess in public schools, Hollywood's pernicious influence, etc. Thanks. [via Carpetbagger]

By-Tor's Snowdogs? They don't say what Geddy Lee named his fantasy team, but here's a cool article about a guy's loves for baseball and fantasy sports.

"I Support this Message" These ads are so good, I might have to support Bill Richardson for Prez. Or Obama's VP. [h/t Sullivan]

"He Couldn't Hold Griffey's Jock" Or, maybe he can. [via Deadspin]

Rocket Science Mathematical proof that Roger Clemens is worth George Steinbrenner's money. George's and no one elses...

But Will It Get You a Six-Pack and Some Smokes? Reporters in Denver board flights with blatantly fake IDs. Heckuva job, TSA.


Mike said...

As a music/baseball geek, I was psyched to read back in '84 that Geddy & Alex were big baseball fans.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Furious, come on over and I will convince you to have Richardson as your man. He's been my man since he made noise about entering the case. He screwed up in the debate (e.g., his fave supreme court justice), but he's been nominated for the nobel peace prize, is well respected for his foreign diplomacy skills, has experience running a state (in the southwest!!), and is not a white male. Ah, a girl can dream.

--ms. neighbor

Mr Furious said...

I like the sound of Gore/Richardson...

Look, I have no beef with Richardson, he sounds like a good man, and I am well aware of his credentials.

For months I have been exceedingly (overly?) worried about electability, but the way things are going, I think whoever we nominate might romp. May the best man win. And I say man, because I really don't want Hillary.