Friday, November 23, 2007

Breaking: Sullivan Endorses Hillary

Well, only when faced with a Hillary v. Rudy election...Still, i can hardly think of a blogger who hates Hillary as much as Andrew Sullivan, so this is saying something:
Between Fear and Loathing
Lying awake the other early morning, I found the twin images of Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton coming into my mind. [...] I loathe Clinton; I fear Giuliani. Which emotion surges most? Clinton could still pull it out as my least favorite, but right now, my fear of Giuliani is outweighing my loathing of Clinton...

All the things I admired about Giuliani as mayor loom as liabilities as president. The security state is understandably more pervasive and powerful than before. But the newly empowered executive branch - with powers to seize anyone anywhere without charges and torture them if necessary - makes a man with the instincts and temperament of Giuliani a real danger in the White House. [...] Maybe not immediately - but in the wake of another terror attack, I don't think anyone can feel comfortable with what he might do to the Constitution and American liberty... it's my gut sense of the kind of man Giuliani is and the kind of world he would confront as president. We can't risk him under those circumstances. So it's back to dealing with a candidate who, however loathesome, is not quite as dangerous.

I can't think of a single major Democrat that would make me switch and vote for the other side*. That tells you how putrid a prospective President Rudy makes—he's driving the sensible Republicans to the GOP's anti-Christ.

*And, no, that's not because i am a blind partisan, but because I have a fucking brain in my head and see what's happening. I could vote for a guy like Chuck Hagel over a hypothetically bad Dem nominee (ie: Sharpton)—but only in a vacuum. It's besides the point because Hagel's more likely to get the nomination as a Democrat than in today's GOP.

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