Thursday, November 01, 2007

"I'd Like to Thank the Academy..."

I was listed as a 2007 Weblog Awards Finalist this morning.

"Woo Hoo!"

But, there's a problem. I was listed under "Best New Blogger" and I've been blogging for years.

So, I 'fessed up and pointed out that there's been a mistake—either I'm in the wrong category (nominated as "Individual") or they meant Mrs. Furious (who was nominated in the "New" category)..

Yup. it was a typo. Mrs. Furious is the finalist. I'm out...

But, I'm like the Bill to her Hillary, so go vote for her when the time comes!


Rickey Henderson said...

Way to go Furiouses! Rickey will be rooting for you.

Mike said...

Furious, you're a mensch.

And congrats to the Mrs.

Chris Howard said...

And vote against Michelle Malkin (shudder) in the Best Blog category.

Smitty said...

I will cast my vote for the Mrs. forthwith.