Thursday, November 13, 2008


Please let this be just more bored reporters pulling stuff out of their ass... Because this would be a serious blow to my faith in Obama.

(I can't add anything to what Ezra said, so just follow the link.)

UPDATE: Seriously, I am not putting any stock in any of the rumors floating around about Obama's appointments. None are forthcoming, and if the campaign taught us anything, it's that the Obama team doesn't leak, and rarely fucks up. That said, Vilsack for Ag would piss me off.


Smitty said...

Well, he can't be absolutely perfect, can he? And how much damage can really be done in the Ag Department?

Holy Word Verification is "rumros."

Indeed, rumros abound.

Mr Furious said...

Vilsack = corn subsidies.

The Agriculture policies regarding corn are a crock of shit on everything from energy to to trade to nutrition. They are bad policy and they are also a shitload of money.

Ezra breaks it down nicely, especially regarding the Dept of Agriculture serving only Big Ag and factory farming as opposed to small farmers—but also completely ignoring the constituency of consumers—both literally and financially. Check his post out.

Jill said...

I'm not sure they're rumors; I think they are what's called "trial balloons". You're right -- Team Obama doesn't leak, so my guess is that this is classic "run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes."

Mr Furious said...

Hey Jill!

It could be a trial balloon—and in that case I am taking my potshots at it (because I know Obama checks with me before every big decision). But it's just as likely speculation with people plugging the most obvious pegs into holes...

I hope.

All of that said, in most cases, I will not expect Obama to pick a "new face" for every position because that would represent change—I actually want him to be able to change things, and in many cases, someone with experience following Obama's policy and instructions will be the best way to get there (see: Emmanuel, Rahm).

Vilsack would be tough to swallow because he is just too enmeshed in the corn deal... Iowa and that industry hold way too much sway already.