Friday, November 21, 2008

Do I Need To Bust This Out Again Already?

Jesus, half the fucking lefty blogosphere is either shitting their pants or burning their Obama T-shirts over the rumored appointees to various Cabinet posts (Brennan at CIA, Hillary as SoS, etc...)

A couple things to keep in mind.

1. None of these people have actually been named yet. Relax.

2. I'll take issue with Obama's agenda and policies when they're actually wrong — what I won't do is have a coronary over who he deems fit to enact them. Who knows who the best guy to advance Obama's policy in CIA is? Obama or Andrew Sullivan?

When are people going to learn about second-guessing this guy? Let him fuck something up before the rending of the garments already. I mean, shit, he just used Gephardt and Edwards retreads to romp his way into the White House—he knows what the fuck he's doing. At least until he proves otherwise.


Bob said...

We have been discussing Kos recently.

Rule number one: Don't read Kos. Even when I was calling H. Clinton a racist and screaming for her to drop out of the primary, I still couldn't stomach Kos.

I am with Mr. Furious on this one. Every time I question Obama's moves, I end up looking like a fool.

I had someone ask me if H. Clinton's nomination to SOS ticked me off. I shrugged. If it was anyone other than Obama appointing her, I might be concerned. The dude studies Lincoln big time. I understand what he is doing.

I am waiting for McCain to be appinted to something. I will likely shrug that off too.

Toast said...

I have a post related to this topic simmering in my brain. I get the feeling a whole lot of people out there on our side of the political spectrum are dying for Obama to fail. They can't wait to shriek "traitor!" It's important that their cynicism be validated.

nightshift66 said...

Mike, I don't know if you do memes, but I tagged you for one at my place.

nightshift66 said...

Sorry, Furious, screwed up on the note. Must... pay... attention...

Missives From Suburbia said...

I think what it comes down to is that Democrats have the lowest self-esteem of any party in the U.S. political landscape. First, we thought for sure we'd lose when Obama wasn't punching back. Now that we've won, we're convinced he's going to screw it up. I'm with you. I was wrong too many times during the election, and now I'm sitting back to see how it all unfolds. I actually like the choices he's made so far and think I understand the broad rationale behind them, so I'm willing to see where he goes with the rest of his slots.