Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why Jon Stewart Should Host "Meet the Press"

Because no other talking head on television has anything close to his game.

This is about as mature and well-informed a discussion on the topic of gay marriage I've seen, but by the end—and I know I am biased—Stewart just takes Huckabee apart. Huckabee tries the slippery slope argument, the "gay as a choice" argument, procreation, childrearing, and everything he has up his the end of the discussion he's reduced to defending an entry in the dictionary over human rights.

Game. Set. Match.


steves said...

I find the arguments prohibiting state recognized gay marriage to be weak. I can understand the moral arguments, but the reality is that there are many immoral acts that are not addressed in laws or regulations, nor should they be.

The fact is that gay marriage does not harm anyone in any way, nor does it harm society.

Mike said...

Well done by Stewart.

Rickey Henderson said...

Eat your heart out, established news media...

Mr Furious said...

The fact that none of these clowns can make their case without breaking out their Bible ought to tell you that it has no place in law or legislation.

There's only one thing Stewart could have handled better... When Huckabee ends his half of the discussion by joking, "Well, Jon, I just want you to know I'm not going to marry you. I'm just not," Stewart should have driven the last nail in, "Governor, nobody's asking you to."

I understand the diplomacy Stewart is forced to employ on his own show (unlike his legendary Crossfire appearance), but I hate when he allows something so significant to be undercut by witty banter on the way out. Hitting Huckabee with that comeback would have been a snappy comeback, further leveled Huckabee, and hammered home his point.

Bob said...

Stewart should have driven the last nail in, "Governor, nobody's asking you to."

When my 70 year old day commented about my gay neighbors: "That's OK, as long as they don't try anything.", I said: "
Yeah Dad, becuase you are just so hot."

DED said...

If he got the job, then he'd miss out on poking fun at the MSM.

There's another thing about him, he tries like hell to discuss the topic at hand without berating his guest. Humor is his tool, which he wields with scalpel like precision. He's made people I think are assholes come across as ok. They may still be dicks, but they're at least human. If you go on his show and still come across as sub-human, you've got to be one major asshole. Two examples: John Bolton and Rick Santorum.