Monday, December 01, 2008


Nobody wants Al Franken to boot Norm Coleman's ass out of Paul Wellstone's Senate seat more than me, but if Reid and the Senate pick the winner, I won't be pleased. At all.

I'd rather Coleman win, than Franken get the seat under shady circumstances.

If the Senate can bring pressure to make sure all the necessary votes are counted, that's fine, but it needs to be totally and completely above board, and the results respected.

In related news, Joe Biden's seat is going to his former Chief of Staff, who will hold it until a special election in which he vows not to run. This is good because I can think of no one who could better continue the decisions of the man the people of Delaware elected to the Senate than his long-time CoS. And democracy-wise, this is far preferable to the much-rumored appointment of Biden's son, Beau. I've little patience for nepotism—and even less among good guys.


Smitty said...

This is the stuff that makes me nervous. As much as I would love the "filibuster-proof" Senate, I am not so geeked for it that I could justify a Senate move that opens them up to the same bullshit behind-the-scenes criticisms levied against the republicans. I hope he wins it honestly.

Mr Furious said...


I'm willing to play hardball, but not cheat. And even if annointing Franken is within the rules, it stinks.

Count all the votes and send the winner to DC.

As for "filibuster-proof majority", that's a crapshoot anyway. The Dems do not have the party discipline to keep all the votes together, so 58, 59, 60, it's all the same if Salazar, Nelson or some other Blue dog/Red State Dem jumps ship every time the going gets tough.

Smitty said...

it's all the same if Salazar, Nelson or some other Blue dog/Red State Dem jumps ship every time the going gets tough

GOD don't I know it...the Dem in MI hold a 67 to 43 seat majority, and damn it if House LEADERSHIP, on a tough vote, actually orders the Blue Dog/Red District Dems to take a walk. Might as well, for my sake, have just left it in Republican hands anyway!! At last I didn't get my hopes up, knew what I was dealing with, and sometimes got a pleasant surprise!!

6 inches of snow in Lansing. AA has been getting hot all day, slow but steady.