Saturday, December 19, 2009


15 inches of snow measured in West Asheville
ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES — Friday’s winter snow storm dumped a whopping 15 inches of snow on West Asheville, according to the National Weather Service.

About 11.5 inches of snow was measured on the ground 6 miles north northwest of Asheville through about 7:45 p.m., the NWS reports. Waynesville recorded 13.8 inches of snow.

Snow totals for other locations in WNC through Friday evening:
- Linville: 12 inches
- Fletcher: 10.5 inches
- Woodlawn (McDowell County): 13 inches
- Little Switzerland: 9.3 inches
- Burnsville: 4.5 inches

Little Switzerland can kiss my ass!

Despite the fact that we have no power at home (since last night around 10:00), this is pretty awesome. We haven't had real snow since we moved from Michigan.

Let this be an offical "Mr Furious Heartily Endorses..." endorsement: All-Wheel-Drive Subarus rock. Last night on the way home I plowed through I don't know how many inches of snow on snow-filled streets, passing dozens of abandoned cars on the highway in a few short miles.

This morning on the way into town in search of gas, some groceries, firewood and ATM cash, the only thing that slowed me down at all, was our totally unplowed street because the snow between the tire tracks was high-centering the car—it was ten inches high! But the lean, mean aquamarine machine persevered—bad front tires and all.

I'm in the office to grab my extra camera batteries, post this, and I'm off to complete my mission. Unfortunately, my card reader is back at home, so pics will come later.


Toast said...

We're supposed to get around that much as well. Watching the radar as this thing rolls up the coast, it's one of the slowest-moving storms I've ever seen.

Bad news is we were planning to go up to Boston for the day for my family's X-Mas party. Good news is it'll be nice and cozy in the Shire and I'll have lots of pics later.

Bob said...

I still say AWD is for sissies. Get a good set of snow tires and you can drive anything.

RWD is fine and I haven't pussed out and moved south.

steves said...

I like AWD, too, but it isn't necessary for most kinds of driving. Mid-Michigan and its puny amount of snowfall doesn't offer much of a challenge, but the UP is a different story. We had an RWD Buick that did ok most of the time, but there were a few storms that really tested it.

Bob said...

"Mid-Michigan and its puny amount of snowfall doesn't offer much of a challenge..."

Yet it is almost impossible to find a pickup with 2wd on a lot. WTF.

Mr Furious said...

If you're looking for 2WD pickups, there are plenty to choose from in the snowbanks along the highways down here.

I think they were the number one wiped-out-in-the-snow vehicle.

Bob said...

"If you're looking for 2WD pickups, there are plenty to choose from in the snow banks along the highways down here."

Funny thing (and I am NOT making this up) is the number one vehicle I see in the ditch are AWD Subaru’s. A couple years ago I drove up to the Alpina area from Lansing in a January snowstorm in my 2wd truck. I repeatedly passed Subbies in the ditch along with a Hummer and other 4WD vehicles.

Nothing will put someone in a ditch faster than over-confidence.

DED said...

All-Wheel-Drive Subarus rock.

Indeed. Unfortunately, their head gaskets tend to crack, which will set you back $2k - 3k. I'm due for that repair, but I'm putting it off for as long as possible.

Claire said...

We were given an old Subaru by a friend - it had an accordian pleated hood because the owner ran into a boat that was being towed and he was distracted by changing the channel on his radio - anyway - the car went up and down really steep hills in Northport, Long Island without blinking in terrible snowstorms - I loved that car!

Deb said...

Love ours! My husband whines about his "lesbian mobile", but truth be told, it's pretty cool to drive in the snow. And these days I am driving the 'Bu, since I tapped the bumper of a wee bitty Toyota Rav4 in an epic ice slide in my German Monster. (Also AWD, coincidentally. My best hindsight advice: STAND on your ABS in a slide.)