Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Wonderful Idea

I can get behind that plan. We currently have accounts with Wachovia (Wells Fargo) and SunTrust...not the biggest banks, but hardly local. One of the reasons for picking these banks was availability of branches (both have branches walking distance from or house and my office). And ATMs. Well, we hardly, if ever use ATMs so that's not really a factor. We don't even use debit/check cards anymore either...

Annoyingly, I still get paid via a check that needs to be deposited, but I'd be happy to walk a block to get to the Bank of Asheville if they have the online bill-pay capabilities Mrs F requires.

I'll be looking into it.


Toast said...

Wait, what? You don't use debit/check cards? What do you use? Cash?

John Howard said...

I was wondering the same thing, Toast. But if he doesn't use ATMs, cash seems unlikely too.

Maybe credit cards?

DED said...

We got our mortgage through a community bank back in 99. Moved our checking account there shortly thereafter. Never regretted it. Quite pleased in fact, especially with all the bank-eating banks running amok then.

I'd be very surprised if your community banks weren't already on one of the huge ATM networks like Cirrus. I mean, didn't they all get on board in the 80's? I don't know how bad the fees are since I only use the ATM at my bank.

While it's been slow to move into internet banking, it's there now.

And this current banking mess? Didn't faze it one bit. They're doing just fine. They didn't get involved with the stupid shit the big banks messed around with.

Really, Furious. Switch already.

Mr Furious said...

We pay for (nearly) everything with two credit cards that sock money into college funds. We pay them off every month and never carry a balance.

Mrs F has a very intricate and organized system, and I just deposit my paycheck and get the hell out of the way.

We do have some online ING accounts that are easily earmarked for specific goals (ie: vacation, Kid's tuition, etc)

When I buy lunch, etc I use cash from a meager lunch allowence.

ATMs almost never come into play, and with the system Mrs F employs and the tightness of our budget, one mishap paying for a grocery bill with a debit card could blow a hole in everything with overdraft coverage charges, etc.

I need to hold off for a bit while I wait on news of a job. I'm not going to shift everything over if we're moving.

If we were to move, it'd be local all the way.

Best bank I ever had? Credit union.

Bob said...

At the local credit union. Not the best rates, but other than that it fine.

BTW - all the credit unions around here seem to have zero ATM fees for all other credit unions.