Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh. Fuck. Me.

The Yankees just got Tigers centerfielder, leadoff man, certified fucking stud player and all-around good guy Curtis Granderson for a bag of crumbled Yankee Stadium concrete and Joe Girardi's old catching gear.

Meanwhile the Sox (according to Gammons) are trying to deal Mike Lowell and decide how many of FAs Jason Bay, Matt Holliday and Adrian Beltre they should sign.

Bay's been a nice player, but he's about to get waaaay overpaid. Holliday's got NL-star/AL-bust written all over him. Pass. Beltre? If he's healthy and a bargain, fine. But those 48 HRs were a lonnnng time ago, and in the other league. Plus, Boras is his agent.

2010 is going to blow.


Toast said...

I dunno, man. 2010 is looking pretty awesome from where I'm sitting. :-)

Smitty said...

A lot of Detroiters are saying that the Tigers are going to come out ahead in all of this.

I just don't see it.

Mr Furious said...

I followed Granderson and many of the younger Tigers closely their whole way up during my years in Michigan.

Two years ago, Granderson was arguably the best centerfielder in the game—total package-wise. He had an MVP-caliber season. The last season and a half was kind of lost to me as a fan, so I haven't followed him or the Tigers (or even Sox) too closely, and perhaps the Yanks aren't getting the same stud I watched in 2004-07, but they gave up prospects to get him.

Phil Coke might be a nice reliever one day, but his name will always make me think of Steve Howe (look it up Toast) and regard him as a joke. The other guy is a minor leaguer, and I don't want to hear about "ceiling." The percentage of these guys that live up to the hype (especially NYY prospects) is still low.