Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Terrorist's Best Friend

Is a GOP wingnut.

Don't these moron right-wing clowns like Hoekstra (R-MI) it is they themselves who are "aiding and abetting" the terrorists by taking a botched failure of an incident and hyping it up for maximum fear and terror.

The stupid. It burns. Like a powdery substance in my pants that I am desperately trying to ignite.


Toast said...

I'm just glad I'm not flying anywhere soon.

Mr Furious said...

Mrs F and the kids still have to fly home FROM DETROIT next week.

If they are still trying to enforce a "no leaving the seat and nothing in your lap for an hour prior to landing," plus the current take-off restriction, they'll have created a new terrorist in every mom trying to travel alone with two children—they are effectively saying she and the kids are strapped in with nothing for a two-hour flight.

I guarantee my two-year-old is the equal of ANYONE al qaeda can put onboard if she wants to be.

These measures are pure theater, and utter bullshit. I'd say that if it was Bush's TSA, and I'm saying it now. Worthless.

Bob said...

"Mrs F and the kids still have to fly home FROM DETROIT next week."

It might be a pain in the ass, but they will have the best security of the decade.

Flew in and out of Detroit a couple weeks ago. The new terminals are east to navigate.

Rickey Henderson said...

Rickey's not saying to panic here either, but it's worth mentioning that the only thing that prevented the bomb from detonating was that kid's own incompetance...

Mr Furious said...

Even if that guy knew how to light a match or rub two sticks together there's nothing that says he would have accomplished anything other than burning more of himself.

I'm no demolitions expert, but even underwear made completely of explosives or combustibles doesn't make a bomb that takes down an airliner.

He needs to breach the hull, and for that he needed a real charge and a means to puncture the plane.

It's not clear that even if his plan went off perfectly he possessed anything close to accomplishing that.

Mr Furious said...

For that matter, even punching a hole in the plane doesn't mean it crashes.

I'm pretty sure the Hollywood version of events where everything not buckled down gets sucked out of the plane while it goes into a death spiral is bogus.

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