Monday, December 21, 2009

Sucked In...

Yes, Mr Furious watches "The Sing-Off." What of it?

After careful consideration last week, I have switched allegiances and am hoping for Voices of Lee.

Yeah. That's right. The gospel group from Tennessee.

UPDATE: Without the competition factor, this show is pretty weak.


Bob said...

What? No whining about how Obama sold us out? How if he only ASKED LIEberman for his vote, we'd have a public option?

What kind of liberal are you?

Oh wait, wrong thread/ wrong blog.

Is it time for me to admit I watch So You Think You Can Dance with my wife? Hey them dancer chicks are hot.

Toast said...

Wow. Dude, you are high. Voices of Lee was by far the least entertaining of the three finalists. Sure, they were technically sound, but that's it.

John Howard said...

Voices of Lee? Seriously? They never should have even made it after they butchered Man in the Mirror, sucking all the life out of it. Then they did the same thing with Stand By Me.

Really, there was only one team that in any way deserved to win this thing, and it's a travesty that they didn't win.

Mr Furious said...

My early favorite talent-wise and who I thought needed/deserved the win was Nota.

They were, in my opinion, the best of the bunch.

On the other hand, Beezelbubs, while entertaining, were not even close in terms of range, dynamics or vocal talent to either of the other two finalists. Moptop Matt? That guy wouldn't come off the bench in Nota or VoL.

Here's why I switched my vote last week: Who deserves and will be able to use the record contract? and the money?

A bunch of preppies from Tufts? Don't think so. Those guys are already on their way in other parts of their lives, and the singing is probably more of a sideline—a passion to be sure—but are those guys going to Tufts to be a capella singers? Not to mention: Would a Beezelbubs record be any good? thier nothing without the onstage antics. Mrs F put it best: If those guys want a future in music, it's in theater.

Nota? I think they already secured a contract with the strength of their performances. Those guys are excellent, and have an audience and an appeal and are ready to go.

That left me with VoL. They were incredibly strong the last two nights of the competition, and I think would actually cut an album worth listening to. An album of covers by those guys with the 3 fantastic leads they have going on? I'd listen to that (if I was going to listen to any of them).

And this is probably their best, if not only, shot. As a group anyway. There are clearly individuals with the chops to make it in some capacity as solo artists, but if they didn't get the win here, they were back to normal lives.

Mr Furious said...

One of the judges made it crystal clear when it was just the 'Bubs and Nota standing: For one of those groups it was fulfilling a lifetime dream and a chance at a future.

For the other, it was a fun, unexpected, exciting, adventerous college road trip.

I got no complaints. Nota won it out of the gate, and if they had lost at the end it would have been a travesty. I just wanted a piece for Voices of Lee.

Mr Furious said...

As for Man in the Mirror? Count me with Ben Folds. I thought it was fine to change that line, and the rest of that performance was flat-out awesome. They blew away the field on the Judges' Choice.

Toast said...

I agree with Folds/Furious about Man in the Mirror. That was actually my favorite VoL performance.

As for the "Who will use the prize best?" question, that's why I was good with the outcome. I think Nota could be a legit national act, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear them on my radio at some point. Yes, I personally enjoyed the Bubs the most, but the record deal wouldn't work for their sound or the structure of their club.

Voices of Lee was technically sound, and they had a good performance or two, but they were light years away from the other two in terms of showmanship and entertainment. And no, I don't see them making it with a label deal. Not in a million years.