Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Politics: Bush country?

Good news...after my impromptu survey of yard signs and bumper stickers while in Western and Northern Michigan (supposed Bush country) over a four day weekend, I am pleased to report NO* Bush yard signs vs dozens of Kerry/anti-Bush, and bumper stickers were a Kerry blowout as well.

The local weekly's cover story was the record protest (thousands) that greeted Bush last week in Traverse City. We all know Commander Chickenshit only shows up where he will be warmly recieved, so it seems they miscalculated on that one...

Hopefully an indication Kerry walks away easily with this "battleground state."

There's a glimmer of hope for humanity after all.

* I can hardly belive it myself, I mean, there's a BUSH '04 sign across the street here in "liberal" Ann Arbor... but I swear, I did not see a single one, and we probably drove 700-800 miles.


Anonymous said...

you don't post for a week and all you have to give us is a count of lawn signs?!?

Do your job, ya f*ck!

Mr Furious said...

Well, half of that time I was away from a computer, the other half I was slammed with work (to allow a four-day weekend). I have several half-baked posts in the "draft" file, maybe I can polish a few of...

And no jokes about all the posts being half-baked!