Thursday, September 30, 2004

Politics: The "Debate"

Mitch Albom said it best on the radio on the way home today; "With all these restrictions, this event could take place with one candidate in this city, and the other guy in another country. How can you call this a debate? It's a joint press conference."

I'm not sure whether I'll get to watch live tonite or not (ask my two-year-old if she'll let me), but at this point I almost don't even care. There is some suspense as to which persona or style each guy will employ tonite, but other than that, I don't have very high expectations.

We've likely heard it all before...

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Anonymous said...

Craaanky! I did stay up to watch it. Kerry kicked ass. I don't get why everyone has been so disappointed in him all along. Other than that he may not have fought back soon enough or hard enough to prevent the "flip-flopper" label from sticking. But he is clearly an intelligent and thoghtful person. Well-informed and articulate. Bush was a total buffoon last night. He was at a complete loss for words or ideas on more occasions than I could count. It seemed that no matter what the question or topic--he used the same 8-10 lines over and over again. "You can't lead this country if you say "Wrong war. Wrong time. Wrong place.' How can you lead the troops if you say this?" He truly didn't know what to say. I don't know how anyone could argue otherwise. They will say he was "consistent, clear, he stuck to his message." That's the only way they can spin what he did last night. What he was is a broken record. Clearly shaken and completely dependent on the few phrases that he had memorized well enough to repeat all night long. "Saddam Hussein was a threat. The world is safer. A free Iraq will serve as a powerful example for the Middle East." (How is that answering a question about how to deal with nuclear proliferation in North Korea?)Kerry seemed a hair nervous in the first few minutes, but I think once he heard Bush flounder a few times, he knew he had it in the bag. I was proud of his presentation. I'm not sure what all of the rules were--but I thought it was a pretty good debate. Neither candidate had the questions ahead of time--they knew the topic, but not what they'd be asked. So there was some honest "surprise"--they did have to think on their feet a bit. And on this--they are not equals. Bush employed the same old crappy lines about Kerry that he has thrown at him for months without ever really answering the questions or offering real explanations of his Administration's plans for Iraq, etc. I haven't always watched Presidential Debates very closely, so I'm no expert. But last night seemed more civil and organized than I think we've seen in the past. More later...Yo' Sista.