Monday, September 13, 2004

Politics: It's Good to Be King (and to know the Governor...)

President Bush missed the filing deadline to be on the ballot in Florida.
Florida Democratic Party chairman Scott Maddox said he knew the president's certificate of nomination did not reach the state until Sept. 2, but he said he decided not to make an issue of it.

"To keep an incumbent president off the ballot in a swing state the size of Florida because of a technicality, I just don't think would be right," Maddox said.

Somehow I don't think the Republicans would do the same for us in the reverse.

Granted, his inclusion on the ballot as the incumbent President really should be an automatic. But this really says something about the way things operate in Florida. If they bend the rules on this, how are we supposed to trust anything else that goes on during the election? The Republicans knew about this problem in Florida and other states when they planned their Convention to be as late as possible to coincide with the 9/11 Annivesary. They should have had an "offical, behind the scenes" nomination before the Convention to get the paperwork in on time. Or, God forbid, maybe they should have forgotten about capitalizing on a national tragedy and just had the Convention in July when everyone else always has...

Just keep little things like this in mind later on when we hear about recounts, ballot irregularities, votor suppression and roll scrubbing down in Florida...


Crank said...

1. As I recall, there were some extenuating circumstances in Florida on September 1-2.

2. As you may recall, scheduling the convention at the traditional time for the incumbent - mid/late August - was infeasible due to the late timing of the Olympics this year. The GOP wasn't going to have its convention overshadowed by the Olympics.

Context is everything.

Mr Furious said...

Well, there's the Olympics, and the fact that August is 'Vacation Month':
2001 This turns out to have been witten on a key date...
2002 "What, me worry?"
2003. Letterman Top Ten List.
2004. Finally, some priorities. Something is more important than vacation. Campaigning.