Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Politics: Republicans are Wussies Too

James Wolcott has a great little post about liberals and the wimpy-ass horse they (we) rode in on. [my emphasis added]:
If the Freedom Marchers had been as easily a-sceered as today's liberals, they would have looked at the poll numbers favoring segregation and cancelled their bus trip to Mississippi. Labor organizers would never have voted to go on strike for fear of someone taking it the wrong way and complaining to the maitre'd.

Someone once explained to me that the reason modern liberals are such squeamish daffodils is because the Democratic party has detached from its worker roots and has become the party of deskbound yuppies (who, me?)who have been pampered and overprotected ever since they were escorted from the womb.

Perhaps. But it's not as if conservatives are roughneck characters with rugged mileage in their life experience. Their hands are as Palmolive soft as any liberal's as they preciously peck at the computer and die a little each day under the flourescent lights.

He's 100% right. Conservatives aren't any "tougher" than we are, they're just louder and don't care what people think. That's the thing about bullies. Bloody their nose and they go right down. It has never been more true than it is right now. Bush is the ultimate false tough guy, and Kerry is the quintessential liberal who qualifies every stance. Time to put up.

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